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For information about Georges Lentz and his work, follow the links below:

Catalogue of works    
Publisher: Universal Edition, Vienna (UE)
IMPORTANT!! Advice for conductors and performers
About "Caeli enarrant..." III
About 'Mysterium' ("Caeli enarrant..." VII)
About Alkere from 'Mysterium' ("Caeli enarrant..." VII)
About Monh from 'Mysterium' ("Caeli enarrant..." VII)
    * Watch an interview with Tabea Zimmermann about Monh (in German)
About Ingwe from 'Mysterium' ("Caeli enarrant..." VII)
    * Watch a documentary about Ingwe (43 min. - in 5 parts)
About Jerusalem (after Blake) from 'Mysterium' ("Caeli enarrant..." VII)
About String Quartet(s) from 'Mysterium' ("Caeli enarrant..." VII) (in progress)
    * View the original Kathleen Petyarre painting which forms an integral part of String Quartet(s)
Listen to some audio samples
Texts by Richard Toop, Gordon Kerry and Georges Lentz
A photo of Georges Lentz


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