GEORGES LENTZ - composer
  Universal Edition
  Caeli enarrant III
  String Quartet(s)
  Audio samples
 Audio samples

-Ngangkar for orchestra
mp3 - 2min.07sec.
-Guyuhmgan for orchestra and electronics
mp3 - 2min.01sec.
-"Caeli enarrant..."III for 12 strings, 3 percussionists and 1 boy soprano
Extracts from all 3 movements available from
-"Caeli enarrant..."IV for string quartet and 4 cymbals
Extracts from all 4 movements available from
-Birrung for 11 strings
Extract available from
-Alkere for prepared piano
Listen to the whole piece on ABC classic/amp
-Nguurraa for clarinet, viollin, cello, piano and percussion
Extract available from