GEORGES LENTZ - composer / sound artist
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  Caeli enarrant III
  String Quartet(s)
  Cobar Sound Chapel
 About the Cobar Sound Chapel
February 2019 -- The Cobar Sound Chapel will be the future permanent home of Georges Lentz's four-channel, 369-minute composition String Quartet(s). It will be housed in a disused and graffitied 1930s water tank three kilometres outside the town of Cobar, in Outback New South Wales (see below for Google Maps location).
The building will be a very intimate venue, specifically a concrete cube (5 by 5 by 5 metres) inside the existing water tank, which has a height and diameter of 10 metres. The tank does not have a roof. The ceiling of the Sound Chapel cube will have a golden 'lens' in its centre, also open to the elements, so that the sky - and, at night, the stars - will be visible from a central bench. The composition "String Quartet(s)" will be heard in four-channel surround sound on a loop, day and night, whether someone is listening or not. The sound will also spill out of the Chapel and out of the tank into the surrounding landscape, giving the impression of a 'musical water tank'.
The Cobar Sound Chapel has been designed by world-renowned architect and Pritzker Prize winner Glenn Murcutt in collaboration with the composer (2016-2019). The Chapel's proportions are influenced by and are in direct dialogue with structural/rhythmic principles found in the composition "String Quartet(s)".
The Cobar Sound Chapel will also be the home of a new yearly Cobar String Quartet Festival Weekend.
Please note this text is just an early draft and will be updated as the building process gathers momentum. We are excited that full funds have now been secured and that the Cobar Sound Chapel will be built in 2019 - so stay tuned!

The approach to the water tank, three kilometres out of Cobar, NSW.

The water tank, also known by locals as the Silver Tank, because once upon a time it was painted in silver anti-rust paint. Not much of that is visible now, and it is more of a golden or copper tank these days - earth colours really!

Architect Glenn Murcutt at the water tank in Cobar. 30 April, 2018.

Glenn Murcutt inside the water tank. 1 May, 2018.

Some of Glenn Murcutt's drawings for the Cobar Sound Chapel. 16 October, 2017.

Cobar Sound Chapel on Google Maps.